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“Totally Infatuating Read” – The Valued Voices

“I was totally infatuated with this book. It was awful and yet beautiful at the same time. It explores themes of abuse, love, friendship, mental health and chutzpah. she never restrains herself from pain and from suffering or from the truth. My heart aches for the sick and defeated during SUICIDE KILLS reading “the sins of the father” and specially the suicide of her brother, for me the most heart wrenching stuff is the suicide attempt of the writer, it rattled me vigorously. How much a single person can bear pain is so bizarre. It boggles me and its pandemic memoir caused me to stress despite of inspiring kick. I couldn’t agree more with #me too. the views of the writer exactly voice my heart. I holistically own her words. I strongly believe that this book has sufficient power to change lives.
Tasmia Z. (Dubai)

It’s been over 10 years since my last original project. In that time, I have been developing an idea for a project that I think will be incredibly unique and will deliver a “never seen before” multi-sensory experience. In the past, I’ve self-funded all of my albums and personal projects but in order to truly really deliver something “exceptional” this time, I’m spreading my wings outwards into the public and developed this crowdsourcing campaign to engage my fans and bring them into the process of creating something bigger than our individual parts. This project is about vulnerability and not being afraid to ask for help and accept it when it is offered.

Therefore, a crowdsourcing outreach fits this project perfectly and I hope it will be received with open arms.

Some will ask “why not use Kickstarter or Indiegogo platform for your project” and to this I answer; because I have read too many comments about people showing support and purchasing perks they never received on these platforms and not being able to reach the campaign administrators to get their funds back. In the end, it left me with a bad taste in my mouth and a feeling that I really wanted to have a full transparency and connection with my supporters and not have any negativity attached to what I was doing. So, by doing it here, on my website, I am showing my accountability and my promise to deliver to my supporters. It is more personal and more intimate.”

The Book/Album/Interactive Course “Suicide Kills” Project Explained…

You have limited time and can’t really read everything below???

No worries, here is the big picture in a nutshell:

I’m Klaude Walters, a singer/songwriter/author from Ontario, Canada and I’m working on my first ever autobiography and 4th album project. I’ve put together a stellar team of artists, producers, designers, musicians and I can’t wait to present this project to the world. It’s never been done before and I LOVE being the first to do it.

In order for this multi-layered project to see the light there are 4 things that need to happen and that I’d love for you to do right now:

  1. Purchase your PERK (at the bottom of this page), pre-order the package at the top or any other products in the Shop section.
  2. Contribute by purchasing a PERK for you or a loved one.
  3. Help spread the word!! Share this page on your social media or through email to all of your family, friends and followers 😉
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I would LOVE it if YOU could help turn this amazing project into reality and join me on this life-changing and empowering journey!

With all my love…



Perhaps you’ve never heard my name or my music before and so you’re wondering “Is she legit”. Well, have a listen to some of my albums on this site and some of the videos I’ve done over the years and you’ll be privy to some of my best work.

I’m originally from the Gaspé Coast but have been living in the beautiful town of Guelph, ON for the past 7 years. It’s a beautiful town that exudes much artistry and hides an incredible amount of artists.

I’ve been a singer-songwriter most of my life writing songs for myself and other artists throughout the world, sometimes going as far as Sweden and the UK.

I’ve been given the nickname “the musical chameleon” over my many years in this industry. Reason being that I love to experiment with all genres and as I do, I usually change not only my vocals but my look as well, as if to step into another’s skin. I love to challenge myself into performing things that create a nervous reaction within me. It throws me out of my comfort zone…and it’s usually where I excel.

I released my first ever album, AWATANU, back in 2001. It was a bit of an eclectic mix of deep and dark lyrical expression. “Angel of Mercy” was my first music video experience:

My second album, Walking The Line, was released in 2009 after being produced by HIVE Studios in Hamilton and mastered by Gavin Lurssen of Lurssen Mastering, a world-renowned multi-Grammy award-winning mastering studio located in LA. He had mastered “Raising Sands” (Robert Plant & Alison Krauss an album I had absolutely fallen in love with while I was going through my Cancer journey. The album was extremely personal and because I had been diagnosed with Cancer prior to its development, it felt much like a legacy album. Once I wasn’t sure I’d be around to listen to. My favorite song of the album was “Help Me Let You Go”, a song I wrote in the memory of my beloved brother Walter, after his passing by suicide.

I created the following video to honor him:  (I even got my personal surgeon who removed my cancer to play the role of the doctor in the video – after this, he wanted his nurses to call him “Mc Dreamy”…which never happened ;))

My latest album collaboration was released this year (2019). A wonderful Blues album called “Take A Chance On Blues” written, produced, and mastered by one of the most talented artists I’ve ever met, my good friend, Phil Whiting.

You can have a listen to the album by clicking here

It’s been almost 10 years since my last full-length original album and I am aching to create the best one yet…



Well, it’s a mixture of things.

I wanted to create something really special with my 4th album so I decided to write my first book called “Suicide Kills – From PowerLESS To PowerFUL” and add a musical element to the book by turning each chapter into a song and including the album with the book.

The book is somewhat of an autobiography and speaks about some of the worst moments in my life. It shows how resilient a human being can be and how, through the transcendence of tragedy, one can often expand and evolve in ways never imagined.

Divorce, Cancer, Suicide, etc…

I have had my share of tragedies but have always maintained a strong and positive view on life. I have always been seen as the “motivator”, the sunshine in everyone’s life, the one everyone comes to in times of trouble and the one that can always encourage and support in times of need. A lot of people have always asked me what my secret was…why I always looked at the bright side of things and how they could do the same.

This sparked a light within me that helped me develop the idea for this project.

After I started working on the book development and the album, I felt it wasn’t enough, that there was something missing. So, I decided to add an element of teaching to the project as a whole and started to develop an online course that could accompany the reader in providing real-life training and tools that could help them through their darkest moments as they had done for me.

So, this project is not just a book, not just an album, not just a gathering of tools and exercises but a full sensory experience that will leave you with a sense of completion and a feeling of being supported.

It is a lighthouse to all of us who are navigating upon stormy seas and need to find a safe way back home.

The reason why I need your support is because I really want to do this right. The goal here, for me, is to be able to help as many people as I can find a safe way to shore and I know I can accomplish this with your help.



I’ll be working with a fine collection of local musicians this November to develop the 9 songs for the album and then we’ll put the finishing touches on this year.

I plan to release the first single in the Fall or Winter of 2020. The album will be released at the end of 2020 (I know, planning so far in advance….trying to be as specific as I can even though a lot can happen and things can change and I could end up delivering quicker than all of this).

As for the book, I have already completed the writing and editing of the book. I must thank my wonderful editor, Debbie Viguie, who is also a NY Bestselling author, for editing my book and writing the following wonderful “Forward” to it. Here is what she wrote:

“Every once in a while a book comes along that has the power to change lives. This is one of those books. I’ll admit that when I was introduced to Klaude, all I knew about her was that she wanted to write her memoirs. When I heard the title, Suicide Kills, I actually laughed out loud. My first thought was, “Duh, that’s kind of the point.”

My second thought was, “I’m a horrible person for laughing at that.”

I ended up telling Klaude about both thoughts and she laughed as well and told me my initial reaction was one she had hoped for. As soon as she absolved me of any guilt over that reaction, I took a deep breath and looked at the title again. That was when it hit me. Suicide destroys so much more in this world and shatters far more lives than just the one who has actually committed the act. I felt a wave of sorrow pass over me as the title hit me on a deep, almost visceral, level. Yes, suicide kills an individual, but the aftermath continues to kill: dreams, relationships, families, careers, and lives. The title was funny and yet hauntingly, painfully profound.

That’s the beauty of Klaude and her view of the world. She thinks deeply and she feels deeply. Many people do one or the other but only a handful of individuals do both. When I first read about the intensity of her reaction to her brother’s suicide, I was actually shocked. The grief was so raw and terrible and the scene she painted was so much worse than any fictional one I have ever seen or written. That’s Klaude. She feels on a level most people are afraid to. The true beauty of her spirit, though, is that she has learned not to stay locked there, trapped in the horrors of her past. She thought her way out and gained mental clarity. She can teach others to do the same.

Klaude is a remarkable person and the more of her story I hear the more shocked I am that she is a beacon of light and positivity despite all the adversity she has experienced. She has lived an amazingly complicated, full, and rich life and I am so excited that she has decided to share her experiences and insight with the world.

One of the things that have struck me most is that unlike many other talented entertainers she is not sharing her story to bring attention to herself. She is sharing her story to bring hope and comfort to many while shining the light on the often taboo subjects of mental health and suicide. She’s far more open about herself than one might expect, but the focus never really is on her but on what she can do to educate and encourage others.

There are some sections of this book that are physically painful for me to read. Others might have similar reactions to those sections or others based on their own life experiences. The important thing to keep in mind, though, is that the experiences are true and shared without anger, bitterness, or gratuitous use of detail. That said, her book is not for the faint of heart, but it is for all those who have ever been hurt. I admire her for her courage in baring her soul in these pages and for her honesty not only about what other people have done to her but also about what she has done to others and herself.

Even if you believe that your life has been pretty great there are still things Klaude has to teach us about living honestly and fiercely. Her message of compassion for those who are battling through darkness is a timely one that I believe can help put an end to the stigma surrounding depression, anxiety, and other mental ailments. So, go ahead, take hold of her hand and let her lead you on a journey through her psyche that will help you better understand your own. Oh, and I dare you not to be moved when you hear her sing, “Dare to Stand Your Ground”. I personally sobbed like a baby.

Debbie Viguié

NYT Best Selling Author”

The last part of the project, the online course, that is meant to accompany the reader and share tools and teachings that assisted me through a multitude of tough times, is being developed in parallel to the book and will be available at the end of 2020 as well.



A lot has happened since the last time I was in the studio. I’ve evolved in so many ways and my heart and mind have expanded to new levels that make me excited to share with the world.

After releasing the album Take A Chance On Blues recently, a lot of people commented that they loved my vocal performance in this genre of music and really liked the richness in my vocals and wanted more of that sultriness. Although I absolutely LOVED doing that project, music is about evolution and I want to explore foreign territory with this new album.

I have written yet another very personal and autobiographical album to accompany this book. 10 songs that take you on a journey through some of the darkest moments of my life that will certainly pull at your heartstrings. I wrote a song for each chapter of the book and a bonus track for the actual book title, “Suicide Kills”.

I have chosen to partner with Eric Papky & Michael Brown of Hive Studios for this very special project. Feels like a “full circle” type of thing since they were the team I used for my very first album, Walking The Line,  back in 2010. It feels fitting that perhaps my last album is produced by the same team that produced the first one. They are my family and I appreciate their creative talent more than I can say. It is promising to be an incredible album. I cannot wait to share it with you this October 2020.


I’ve always wanted to write a book. I have been a writer my whole life and have always had dozens of stories swirling around in my head, ready to be told but I wanted my first story to be empowering, life-changing and I wanted it to mean something.

When I lost my brother Walter to suicide in 1996, it shook me to the core and made me want to write about the ordeal in order to pay tribute to his life and keep his memory alive. It always felt too dark, too angry, and too centered on the act instead of the man. I ended up writing him a song instead.

I finally settled on writing “MY” story because I felt I had a story to tell that would, hopefully, inspire people to not find solace in darkness but reach for their inner light within to become their most steady lighthouse.

In this book, I talk about growing up in a small town with a violent alcoholic father, mental health and contemplating suicide with an attempt that nearly took my life, losing my brother to suicide, going through Cancer, dealing with divorce and a full-blown war with the chattering monkeys inhabiting my mind.

Even though it sounds like a dark and dreary piece of content, I assure you all it isn’t. Every tragic moment is followed by an inspirational transcendence of those tragedies and a revelation of a stronger and more evolved human being. I share how I was able to get through each of those moments, learn from those experiences, and move forward. I make sure to give the reader resources and tools at the end of each chapter helping them to do the same for themselves.

I hope this book becomes one that people keep on their night tables as they go through their own life struggles and that it helps them get through it.






I am creating an online course that will serve as a sort of workbook companion to the book. The reader will be able to follow along and go through some tools and journaling exercises that will help them sort through their own tragic moments and move them forward towards healing.

The course will contain videos, downloadable and printable PDF’s, inspirational art that can be printed or uploaded as screen savers as well as so much more…



I’m looking to raise $25,000 to start with. What I need to complete the project is probably closer to $35,000. To realize my ultimate vision for the project (which includes hiring a film company to create music videos and a publicity team for the album release), I need $38,000-$45,000.

As you can see by this cute little infographic, recording an album, writing a book and creating an online course can be an expensive journey. I’ve broken the costs down for you so that you know what’s being spent and where.

At the end of the day, I want to raise as much as possible to be able to give you the highest quality experience I can. Recording studios, top producers, talented musicians, recording, editing, producing and mastering are all expensive but soooooooooooooooooo worth it in the end.

I promise you an experience you’ll NEVER forget! I NEVER break my promises 😉



I have created some amazing rewards – check out the full list at the bottom of this page.



Using my creative abilities to help others is at the core of my being. I have done countless performances to fundraise and help others using my God-given talents. I have always figured he bestowed those gifts to me so that I could come to the rescue of the less fortunate and bring a voice to their cause.

Music is my passion. I come alive behind a microphone and bring stories to life with my pen and paper. The complete and utter joy and energy I get from the experience of writing, recording, and producing a new album is something I cannot begin to explain. The daily gratitude you feel at being surrounded by talented musicians, producers, and engineers whose only goal is to take your music to a level you could have never imagined and make it the best you’ve ever done.

This ain’t my first rodeo, folks. I’ve released 3 albums, a live EP, and a handful of singles. For the past 20 years, I’ve been working alongside other musicians writing and creating music and I’m hoping all of this experience of mine will make for a killer crowdfunding campaign and an AMAZING album and a fantastic book that will help millions!

One way or another, this project is happening!



25% of all proceeds from the sale of the Book/Album/Online Course will be donated to the following organizations that I support:

So, your support in helping me actually bring this to market will be like a “gift that keeps giving”. The more we sell, the more people we’ll get to help.

I’m hoping to be able to go to the above organizations and do a reading of the book and donate some of the books/albums/courses to participants in hopes of helping people.

Let’s keep paying it forward…



If times are hard for you and you can’t really contribute financially to the campaign, there are still many ways you can help and support my efforts.

There are small things you can do that can really make a huge difference and they don’t cost a thing…


1) You can share this campaign with all of your friends and family through an email effort. Send them all a quick hello and add my campaign link to your email copy and ask them to support or share the campaign.

2) Share this campaign through all your social media profiles and encourage your followers to support and share this campaign with their followers 😉

3) Copy the link to this campaign and share it through a text to your friend, aunt, uncle, brother, sister, father, mother, anyone you might think might have an interest in helping bring this project to life and making my deepest, most precious dream come true.

Every little bit helps!

Thank you so much for reading this SUPER LONG essay and for giving me your time. Time IS our most precious commodity and for you to have taken the time to have read all of this means the world to me and shows me how much you care.

If you have any questions or feedback, please don’t hesitate to get in touch through this platform, any of my social media profiles (Twitter/FB/Instagram/Youtube) or through my contact page at

To all of you who support me and this project,

All my gratitude, respect, and love.

Klaude xoxoxoxo

Klaude Walters @2019. All Rights Reserved