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There is a way out of the darkness.

Acclaimed singer/songwriter Klaude Walters has lived an extraordinary life filled with great successes and even greater tragedies. She celebrates all she has learned and the path that has led her here through a visionary collaboration between the written word, poetry, art, and music. Each chapter in her life gives birth to its own song of loss, grief, and, ultimately, triumph.

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“Totally Infatuating Read” – The Valued Voices
“I was totally infatuated with this book. It was awful and yet beautiful at the same time. It explores themes of abuse, love, friendship, mental health, and chutzpah. she never restrains herself from pain and from suffering or from the truth. My heart aches for the sick and defeated during SUICIDE KILLS reading “the sins of the father” and especially the suicide of her brother, for me, the most heart-wrenching stuff is the suicide attempt of the writer, it rattled me vigorously. How much a single person can bear pain is so bizarre. It boggles me and its pandemic memoir caused me to stress despite of inspiring kick. I couldn’t agree more with #me too. the views of the writer exactly voice my heart. I holistically own her words. I strongly believe that this book has sufficient power to change lives.
Tasmia Z. (Dubai)

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  1. James

    Another review because I actually bought the paperback version also…..why? Because I wanted a physical reminder of what a great book this is. It is way more than a biography because Klaude also offers all the information about the tools she used to get thru these tough time…and she also created an online course that you really need to check out. Jdt.

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