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The Book…

There is a way out of the darkness.

Acclaimed singer/songwriter Klaude Walters has lived an extraordinary life filled with great successes and even greater tragedies. She celebrates all she has learned and the path that has led her here through a visionary collaboration between the written word, poetry, art, and music. Each chapter in her life gives birth to its own song of loss, grief, and, ultimately, triumph.

The child of an abusive, alcoholic father, Klaude learned at an early age that pain and neglect were just part of life. She coped with it as best she could, wearing a fake smile and lying to the world about the horrors that went on in her home. As an adult she survived multiple rapes, workplace assaults, and her own suicide attempt. The shocking suicide of her brother threw her into a tailspin and she descended into darkness so deep she might never have found her way out of it.

But the story doesn’t end there. Step-by-step she began to pull herself out of the darkness. She learned how to change her life by changing the way she thought and the way she interacted with herself and the world. She fought through cancer, dealt with the breakups of three marriages, and finally found her way to peace, inner strength, and hope.

Despite the darkness that she went through her story is a joyous one of survival and triumph in the face of unimaginable loss and adversity. Here she shares what she’s learned and the steps she took. With her words and her music she encourages all those struggling with depression, mental health issues, and loss to find their own path to healing.

The Album…

With her 4th album, Klaude Walters decides to explore the depths and layers of Pop music by mixing an eclectic mix of musical genres, including soul, rhythm and blues, electro pop, alternative pop and dark techno pop. The uniqueness of this album is that each song directly relates to a chapter of the book, giving the reader an added sensory experience of the book’s content and setting the mood of each chapter, much like music sets the mood to a scene in a movie. The album promises to be her best efforts to date. Her stunning vocals and haunting melodies will be sure to make this album a hit with or without the book. The album is being produced by Michael Nocny, accomplished, genre bending record producer based in Los Angeles, CA. Visit michaelnocnymusic.com for a taste of what the album will sound like.

The Interactive Online Course…

The interactive course was created to be used as somewhat of a workbook that accompanies the reader in their self-discovery and healing process. Each chapter of the book refers to different tools and exercises that the reader can work on as they progress through the book. The online course also gives the reader the opportunity to connect with Klaude Walters on a personal level as they go through the course. The internal messaging within the course platform gives the reader a chance to interact with Klaude directly and acts as an added level of support.




Suicide Kills, a multi-sensory experience for the soul is launching October 31st 2020.
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Suicide Kills Ebook, 10 song Digital Album and lifetime access to the interactive online course.

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What people are saying after reading “Suicide Kills”…

SUICIDE KILLS BY KLAUDE WALTERS is a reminiscence. It is a simple fable that reveals the profuse truth that; “Power to go from fearless to fearful is yours, take back your power and re- write your story, your next chapter is yours” I was totally infatuated with this book. It was awful and yet beautiful at the same time. It explores themes of abuse, love, friendship, mental health and chutzpah. she never restrains herself from pain and from suffering or from the truth. My heart aches for the sick and defeated during SUICIDE KILLS reading “the sins of the father” and specially the suicide of her brother, for me the most heart wrenching stuff is the suicide attempt of the writer, it rattled me vigorously. How much a single person can bear pain is so bizarre. It boggled me and its pandemic memoir caused me to stress despite of inspiring kick. I couldn’t agree more with #me too. the views of the writer exactly voice my heart. I holistically own her words. I strongly believe that this book has sufficient power to change lives.

Tasmia Z. (Dubai)


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