New Website Launch

It’s finally here

What greater gift than to launch my new website on my 50th birthday!

After almost 6 months of working on different aspects and tweaking the content, we’re finally ready to launch the new website. The new site boasts the following sections:

We finally have a place to consolidate all of Klaude Walters content and a place where I can share my artistry with my fans.

I’ve been waiting for so long to have my own unique place where I could invite my fans to come and interact with my music and my artistic projects. A place where I could not only share my musical projects but also all the other projects I collaborate in. It’s a great way to consolidate everything I do under the same roof. I’m really happy about it and I hope the fans will like it as well. They can see some of the behind the scene videos I intend to upload and also leave reviews on the albums they purchase. It’s a straight line between myself and my fans.

I hope the fans will enjoy this ever-evolving website and keep coming back for more as we continue to develop the website and add more content. We hope they will share their reviews of the new album “Take A Chance On Blues” right here¬†https://klaudewalters.ca/product/take-a-chance-on-blues-digital-album/ once they’ve had a chance to listen to it. It’s a great way to show their love and support for what we do. It seriously takes a village to make these projects come to life and any time we get fans to tell us what they think, it’s awesome.

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