Lend A Helping Hand


This song was written in 2010 in response to the horrible earthquake that shook Haiti to its core.

The following article was written after its release…

“Dedicated Recording For Haitian Relief Ready For The Airwaves and to “Lend A Helping Hand” By Brian Sidler – former music writer for Chicago Music Magazine (09 March 2010 Dundas, Ontario)

A beautiful woman writes, produces, and sings a pair of incredible recordings (French and English versions) called “Lend A Helping Hand (The Haiti Song)”, whose proceeds are dedicated for relief to the nation of Haiti.

Her name is Klaude (pronounced in the French manner as in Klode) Walters, a Country Rock artist from Dundas, Ontario. It’s true, Ms. Walters has emerged as a recording artist and first class songwriter. Her career spans over twenty years. Though often in the past she’s taken a behind the scenes approach to moving her music into the public eye, now she’s making a different bid. But that’s not the reason for this post.

Ms. Walter’s feels she can contribute in her usual humble way by offering these atmospheric recordings for sale and donating their entire proceeds for the relief of Haiti’s still suffering earthquake victims. For the meager price of $1.99 the participating audience can kill two birds with one stone and contribute to Haitian relief but also receive the additional benefit of hearing and owning a beautifully produced recording of a heart rending performance by Klaude Walters. Well worth the price of admission. It’s been recorded in French and English. In her own words: “When I first heard about the Haiti earthquake, I was in my car and hadn’t seen the devastation yet with my own eyes but I was still left breathless at the thought of what had just happened.

When I saw the CNN constant footage of the disaster, my heart simply sank. I felt so helpless, useless. My heart was simply broken at the thought of all those people gone. Brothers, Mothers, fathers, Sisters, etc…gone or left behind. Children left on the street with absolutely no one and nothing. It was such a surreal feeling. I didn’t know what to do to help these poor people so I did the only thing I knew how and I started composing the song.

Then I began to think that if I could possibly get people to connect to the song and donate $1 or $2, it might just help in some small way. So, this is how the entire project began. And soon, so many people came and helped me along this road.

They all believed we could make a difference…I still believe we can…one song at a time.”

According to The Telegraph online based in the UK: “There is considerable variation in the official statistics surrounding last January 12, 2010 magnitude seven earthquake, but as many as 200,000 are thought to have been killed, 1.5 left homeless and three million affected overall.” They began by reporting that…”Medics treating survivors of the Haitian earthquake have warned the next big challenge is saving as many as three million hungry, injured and homeless people from deadly infections and diseases.” This passion for a call to action is at the core of Ms. Walters’ effort. She believes as do all the rest in her corner:


Many workers in Klaude’s circle have come forward to aid in this top Canadian pro production.

They include: * English version of the song written by Klaude Walters in collaboration with John Lubert. * The French adaptation was written by Maryse Glaude-Beaulieu in collaboration with Klaude Walters, Siena Trigiani, Anne Marie Lecompte and Veronique Bessens. *

The songs were produced by Eric Papky and Michael Brown of Hive Studios in Hamilton, Ontario.

* The songs were mixed and mastered by none other than top producer Nick Blagona of Psychotropic Studios in Dundas, Ontario. He’s worked with the BeeGees, Deep Purple, Cat Stevens, The Police, etc…just to name a few.


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