Walking The Line

January 11, 2011
Klaude Walters
Focus Media Productions
Producer: Eric Papky
Number of discs: 1

Here is Klaude Walters 3rd studio album, Walking The Line for which she wrote all the songs. The album was produced by Eric Papky at Hive Studios in Hamilton, ON. It was released on January 11th 2011. The album was mastered at the renowned Lurssen Studios in LA by Gavin Lurssen who has produced and mastered the likes of T-Bone Burnett, Robert Plant, etc…The first single from this album, “Help Me Let You Go”, was released in April of 2010 to very positive reviews. Walters says that she took her inspiration for this album from various life experiences she had struggled through  :

I had just been diagnosed with Cancer and I was feeling very reflective about my life and all I had experienced. I felt the need to document certain parts of it in music. I sometimes thought that this might become my legacy album and act as a sort of autobiography of my life. The album became very deep and personal and really gave way to some written beautiful and thoughtful songs. I wanted people to know me… I think if they listen to this album, they’ll get to know me at a really personal level. I leave it all on the line for them.

The album features songs from the Americana genre with some musical mixture of Folk, Blues, Country and Rock. Walters voice is the only common denominator that brings it all together. Her vocals are in great form and her abilities are unquestionable throughout the album. From the very soft, almost spoken, vocals of “Help Me Let You Go” to the power ballad delivery of “Lend A Helping Hand”, Walters holds the listener’s attention and never let’s go. This album is a personal review of some of Walters’ most vulnerable moments and you can feel it as you listen that you are privy to a very private and layered storyline.

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