Take A Chance On Blues

February 5, 2019
Klaude Walters/Phil Whiting
Bonehead Studios
Producer: Phil Whiting
Number of discs: 1

Here is Klaude Walters 4th studio album written and produced by Phil Whiting. It was released on January 16th 2019 by Bonehead Studios. The first single from the standard edition, “Baby Why”, was released on January 10th 2019. Whiting was inspired by Walters vocal range and so decided to write and entire album with her vocal strings in mind. Walter has said of the experience:

every song was like stepping into a different story and putting on a different skin. I felt, at times, that I wasn’t only performing on a vocal level but also at an acting one. I had to create a new character for every song. It was the first time I approached a project in that way and it won’t be the last. It was an incredible experience that I hope our listeners appreciate and enjoy.

The album features songs from the Blues genre and takes the listener through an array of the different blues style. From Dixie to New Orleans, fast to smooth, Whiting does an incredible job of creating a written and musical journey that entices you till the end and Walters vocal ability definitely holds your attention throughout and often mesmerizes you into submission. This album has had numerous positive reviews and is an assured winner for 2019.

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