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Klaude Walters is quite the chameleon!

Klaude Walter’s ability to mold her vocals to fit within any genres makes her unique in so many ways. You may very well end up enjoying her performance at a local Jazz bar singing a powerful rendition of “Summertime”, a few days later, catch her doing a Blues set at a summer festival and, if you’re lucky … attend her full band gig doing Americana Rock Blues in the same week! She is an artist of many colors, layers and flavors.

She composes straight from the soul and it comes through her angelic sometimes heart wrenching vocals. She has often been compared to Sarah McLaughlin and Annie Lennox for her vocal and songwriting abilities.

She has been writing songs for the last 20 years for herself and¬†other artists.¬†Her last 6 song EP called “Walking The Line” was mastered by none other than Gavin Lurssen, who won a Grammy for his work with Robert Plant’s Raising Sands album.

Musical Reviews

“As a listener, you don’t want to let this one go. There’s art and then there’s a few picassos. She’s a picasso!”

CC Stewart, Iowa

“The main attraction here is the singer. There’s a trace of a teardrop in the back of her throat that makes her singing poignant; it’s offset by that little growl that creeps in on certain words. She’s a first class singer and delivers the lyric with plenty of heart, soul and passion.”

Jay Poet, California

“Completely marvelous voice. Great range and power throughout every performance. Perfect tone & pitch, so rare these days. The melody is solidly grounded and yet it has the soaring grace of much of Joni Mitchell’s better work!”

Dave Younger, California


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